The circular economy starts with a cup of coffee.

enthusiasm and positivism

vision, mission and approach


a social enterprise on a mission to make the world waste free


our vision

We believe in a world without waste. A place of balance in our food systems, no material excess and of no human exclusion. We are a for-profit social enterprise that is invested in taking you on a journey on how to do this, by starting with your daily cup of coffee. We take on the entire value chain, spanning from organic waste, packaging alternatives and social exclusion. We use competitive pricing in order to reach as many businesses as possible to join us on our circular journey.


our mission

A circular world is possible. It does not just happen at “the last mile”. Growing mushrooms on coffee sludge is fantastic, but there is more to it. There is an entire value chain before coffee becomes coffee sludge. We take on the mission to show people, businesses and organizations that making products more circular is doable, exciting and fun. It’s about human connections. It’s about looking further than your direct surroundings. It’s about connecting dots that haven’t been connected before.


why coffee?

Coffee is one of the easiest things to get in our current society. Its value chain however, isn’t quite as easy. Waste gets produced at many points, and value leaks away. It’s a complicated product to get circular. So if we manage this, lessons can be applied to other products fairly easily.

Coffee is also an industry with a lot of unfair trade, opaque relations and power imbalance. It is an industry in need of proper changes on social, ecological and technical topics. Coffee is a great showcase for circular value chain thinking, which also benefits greatly by every small positive result we manage to generate together.


why collectives?

It’s almost gone in our current society: the cooperative way of doing business. Combining talents, spreading risk, dividing profits. 

This is what we do: we form unique collectives. We take on challenges together, and spread the profits equally in a transparent way. We form collectives of farmers, consultants, roasters, machine deliverers, experts and more - to fit all personal demands. We strongly believe that we’re stronger together. We like to give all the “small good guys” a place where they don’t feel small anymore. Where forces can be bundled against unfair, polluting and destructive ways of doing business. Together we can create the ripple effect that will make a lasting positive change.


our approach

We will take you on a journey and use a threefold approach:

  1. Transparency.
    Know your value chain from beginning to end. You cannot make changes if you don’t know who you are working with. You need to get involved in the value chain, beyond big impersonal auctions and towards personal connections and trust.

  2. Price.
    Treat all partners as equal entrepreneurs and pay accordingly. Talking about reforestation and using renewable packaging is important, but not on the priority list when there is little food on the table or when children cannot go to school. It’s important to value all actors in the value chain as equally important and to pay them the price they deserve.

  3. Pick a starting point.
    Circularity is big, so pick a start and don’t get overwhelmed. We can start the journey by focusing on either an organic, technical or social approach. We can start with a single cup of coffee and move towards all products around it like milk, tea and cocoa. We can help you. It’s about just getting started.

  4. Build your value chain.

    Together, we can build the entire value chain that supports the coffee corner at your office. We do this from farm to cup, together with the logistical partners, the roasters, waste treatment companies and many more. Together you can make agreements on circular changes, next to getting some great marketing materials. It’s a lot of fun, and it also enables you to customize your personal flavor profile, because in the end we all have an opinion about a “good cup of coffee”.


it’s bigger than us: the circular coffee fund

Even if you don't require our services, you're more than welcome to support our cause through our collaborative non-profit fund.