The circular economy starts with a cup of coffee.

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it’s all about materials

When you buy a to-go cup of coffee, or a sandwich, it gets packaged in disposable materials which you might use for a maximum of 10 minutes. Most probably, trees have been chopped down and oil has been pumped up to produce this. We can do our best to recycle it, but aren’t there less energy intensive solutions to this?


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starting in colombia

In the south of Colombia, in the Nariño region, the Argote family has provided an outlet and opportunity for an entire community to produce high quality coffees and export them directly to the end-market. By doing so, they have learned how to deal with a lot of their bio waste and are now working hard on their material waste streams.

Together with the exporter, we are looking at opportunities to send back and reuse the jute bags we use to package coffee. We are also closing loops in the case of electricity generation, especially for the high-end drying facility. Solar panels are a good starting point, next to making other machinery more efficient.

Closing loops and reusing materials for as long as possible at the plantations is a good starting point. Circularity, however, is not just about the beginning or the end of the chain. It’s about connecting all actors in the chain, and closing local and global loops. In this value chain, we are also working towards:

  • minimize single use materials

  • reuse materials and use them for as long as possible

  • reduce waste and pioneer on coffee farm level

  • fully circular cup system, no more disposable cups

  • roasted coffee price (incl. roasting loss): €21,75 per kg


€21,95 per kg roasted Colombian coffee