the price breakdown of €20,25 per kg

For coffee farming, milling, processing and exporting (which all happens centrally) €6,24 per kg is paid, which is the equivalent of $3,20 per lb. Taking the international coffee market price into account, our farm prices lie at least 200% higher. The reason for this is that these coffees are high-end specialty coffees, and are of superior quality. The growing and processing of such a product requires much more labour, which we happily compensate, next to keeping in mind the higher Colombian living costs compared to East African or South Asian countries. Our importer, This Side Up, assists heavily in the quality control and increase, and pays a €0,43 per kg bonus for this for investments. On top of this, the Circular Coffee Collective pays €1,00 per kg to assist in the circular investment of the farmers and cooperative. This money gets forwarded on an annual basis through the Circular Coffee Fund. €3,15 per kg goes to exporting and shipping the coffee from Colombia to the Netherlands. Roasting and packaging the coffee requires high investments, next to Western wages and including a roasting loss of around 20% per kg due to evaporation. These services and craftsmanship require €6,50. For handling, coordination, billing and assistance, the Circular Coffee Collective charges €2,00 per kg as a remuneration. Sending the coffee to your office or other facility goes at an average cost of €1,00 per kg, bringing the total investment of this superior Colombian specialty coffee to €20,25 per kg.