The circular economy starts with a cup of coffee.


the physical product.

We build collectives fitted to your personal situation. Collectives of coffee farmers, tea growers, chocolate makers, milk deliverers and more. We make sure that the coffee, tea and chocolate at your office becomes transparant, sustainable and circular.

ready to pick & mix?


step one

pick a farmer


Step #1: pick a farmer

Human connections are stronger than labels and certifications. It’s about knowing the other person and doing business with them as equal partners. Who is the best match for you? Which country, which flavor profile, which price range?



  • country of origin

  • taste profile

  • price range of raw product


step two

pick a roaster


Step #2: pick a roaster

Coffee roasting is an artisanal craft that is hard to master. It can really make or break a nice coffee. Next to this, packaging might be of importance, next to knowing the staff and goals of the roastery itself. Do you prefer light, medium or dark roast? And which color of packaging do you prefer?



  • flavor roasting profile

  • packaging options

  • price range


step 3

pick a machine


Step #3: pick a machine

This step applies to you when you want a machine as well. How luxurious to you want it to be? Coffee machines are like cars, they come in many sizes, colors and qualities. Do you for example have baristas working for you, or do you need a fully automatic system?



  • manual or automatic machine

  • simple or deluxe version

  • service and maintenance


step 4

pick a commitment


Step #4: pick a commitment

Transparency and pick & mix is nice, but this does not say anything about the circularity of your package. So how far are you willing to go? Think about becoming plastic free, replanting forests or proper schooling opportunities for everyone in the value chain. Which commitment are you making for how many years?



  • commitment

  • duration (years)

  • whole value chain, or partially


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At this moment, we solely deliver in the Netherlands, but are expanding soon. Reach out for more info.