let’s order your finest cup

in 4 steps to your customized regenerative coffee corner.


Step 1: what do I need?


a: just Coffee

We offer a selection of coffees from 12 different countries all around the world. All coffees are high quality specialty coffees. They have their individual stories, focus points and taste profiles. Roasting profile and blends are fully customizable. Prices range from €18,50 to €26,50 per kg of roasted beans. Full price transparency guaranteed. Next to this, we also make sure that your coffee sludge leftovers get picked up and used in great products like mushrooms, soaps and more.


per cup of coffee


b: coffee, tea, milk and cocoa

Maybe you like to drink a cappuccino, a hot chocolate or a nice cup of tea once in a while instead of just black coffee. You find it important that these products, just like your coffee, follow circular and regenerative principles. We offer the finest local herb tea for as low as €0,19 per cup, or organic milk from around the corner of your office for less than €1,50 per liter.


+ €0,13 for a cappuccino

per cup of tea


c: coffee, tea, milk, cocoa and machines

You want us to take over all of your worries that come with having a coffee corner. We can do that. Next to offering the finest coffees, teas, cocoa and milk, we have good deals with machine manufacturers that offer the finest quality full automatic machines. We can put you on a leasing contract, or you can buy the machines yourself in one go. We can also provide service and maintenance, or deliver sustainable cups, if you like.


+ €0,45 per cup for fully leased, maintained machine


step 2: what to focus on first?


a: the bio cycle

You care first and foremost about organic waste. You want to make sure that the coffee chain focuses on climate change adaptation, organic composting, regenerative farming and compostable packaging materials.


indonesia, peru, thailand


b: the techno cycle

Reusable packaging, CO2 reduction and machines that are fully modular. It’s the most well known cycle of the circular economy, but this unfortunately doesn’t mean we are finished here.


colombia, brazil, nicaragua


c: the socio cycle

There is no human waste, everyone can participate. Even if you’re a former member of a militia, part of a minority or used to grow narcotics, you’re still welcome to participate. Let’s also include people with a mental disability and distance to the labour market.


congo, rwanda, myanmar


step 3: for how long are you in for the ride?


a: one year

We believe in value chain circularity. Together with all players in the value chain, from farmer to end consumer, you make agreements on how to achieve your circular goals. Committing for one year might sound long, but this is only one coffee harvest. Since this short duration and different harvest times, the coffees on offer are the ones we have in the warehouse in the European harbors.


standard price


b: two years

Committing for two years means really collaborating with your farmers and roasters alike. We know what coffee you like, and can now make orders at the plantations, specifically for you. It means long term stability for the farmer, next to being able to implement more circular initiatives based on mutual trust. For this commitment, we deduct 10% of our handling and coordination fees.




c: three years

Three harvest seasons in, you have now really established a strong relationship with your farmers, roasters and all other parties involved. These people are not only your suppliers, but they are “your farmers”. You connect to them, might have visited them and achieved great circular achievements. For this relationship, we deduct 15% of our handling and coordination fees.




step 4: let’s taste your pick


With all these variables and buttons to turn, you still don’t know if it tastes any good. So let’s schedule in a meeting to do a tasting and find out your preferences. Do you like to blend, or maybe a single origin coffee? Do you like a sweet light roast, or maybe a spicy dark roast? Let’s find out.


light, medium or dark roast?


are you ready to custom build your coffee corner with us?

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The minimum delivery is 500 kg of coffee per year. If you're below this, we can add you to a pool of smaller firms to come up with a joint offer.
Right now, we deliver in the Netherlands and Belgium, but will be expanding soon.
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So what do I get?

  • A regenerative cup of coffee, tea or cocoa. With every cup you drink, you repair the world. You cure inequalities, biodiversity loss and waste production.

  • Guaranteed, stable delivery of your products.

  • Direct farmer connection and traceability. Know your farmers and get to know them.

  • Free marketing materials. Pictures, videos, the whole lot.

  • Free corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices. We make sure we do it right in a green and social way.

General terms and conditions:

  • Minimum quantity of 500kg of coffee per year. Small parties can reach out and will be added to a pool and will receive a joint offer.

  • We offer full price transparency and traceability for all our products.

  • Minimum contract time of 1 year, manually extended by minimum a year.

  • Participation in the value chain, like an annual Skype call with the farmers or a visit, is much appreciated.