the price breakdown

The coffee farmers receive €4,18 per kg of green coffee, which is the equivalent of $2,15 per lb. Taking the international coffee market price into account, our farm prices lie 200% higher.

These higher prices are paid for the extra effort that is being put in the processing efforts of the coffees, which increase stability of the quality. As a result of this stability, more and more buyers are inclined to keep buying on a long term, improving the region’s peace.

The mill and exporting costs of CPNCK, the farmer cooperative, go at €2,39 per kg. On top of this, the Circular Coffee Collective pays €1,00 per kg to assist in the circular investments of the farmers and cooperative. This money gets forwarded on an annual basis through the Circular Coffee Fund.

For clearance, pre-financing and other warehousing and logistical costs of importing firm This Side Up, €2,78 is paid.

Roasting and packaging the coffee requires high investments, next to Western wages and including a roasting loss of around 20% per kg due to evaporation. These services and craftsmanship require €6,50.

For handling, coordination, billing and implementing the circular projects, the Circular Coffee Collective charges €3,60 per kg as a remuneration.

Sending the coffee to your office or other facility goes at an average cost of €1,00 per kg, bringing the total investment of this Congolese success story to €21,45 per kg.


€19,79 per kg gebrande koffie

prijzen zijn in absolute getallen, niet relatief naar lokale levenskosten