Q: how can you guarantee that my coffee comes from the farmer I pick?

A: We don’t work with auctions, but buy directly from our farming partners. Our logistics partner and coffee importer This Side Up Coffees presents all connections transparently on its website. From here, the coffee goes directly to your selected roaster. Your reserved coffees will stay reserved until it is all roasted and sent to you. If you want, we can set up Skype calls or in-person meetings with your coffee farmer. We are a proud collective of equal entrepreneurs, and have nothing to hide.

Q: can you make the consultancy adjusted to my personal situation?

A: Always. No situation is the same, and our pool of experts and consultants is big enough to suit to any situation.

Q: we do not like coffee, but are interested in the circularity aspect. what can you do for us?

A: Coffee, tea and cocoa are practical examples, we use these as a starting point. It doesn’t mean you need to like it, in order to understand its lessons. We work with different products and examples as well: the consultancy and workshops are about grasping the concepts and understanding the tricks of becoming circular.

Q: how do I know for sure that the profits are shared equally with the farmers?

A: Once you’ve selected your farmer, roaster, machine and circular commitment, we will provide you with a cake diagram of all the revenues. It tells you in detail how much money and % goes to which partner for your product. We will also provide you with the information of all the actors involved, including their social media channels.