circular coffee collective

We are located at one of the most circular places in the Netherlands, at the Hof van Cartesius in Utrecht.

Vlampijpstraat 94
3534 AR
the Netherlands

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in 2017, the “circular economy” picked up some pace and became a buzzword in the realms of business, governments and academia. Everyone praised the new systemic thinking and perspectives on becoming waste free, but few asked themselves the question how this would look like in complex value chains. Value chains where there is little overview and where the end-consumer hardly ever knows the producer of his or her food. To the background of this question, the Circular Coffee Collective was founded. As a collective, we aim to connect all players, from the beginning to the end. Together, and not alone, we can become fully circular. We start with coffee, tea and cacao, but the lessons learned don’t stop here. They’re a catalyst for circular economy implementation. Achieving results by taking a step-by-step approach is way more fun than implementing dry reports, is our belief.


facing the collective

Maarten founded the Circular Coffee Collective as a means to make the implementation of the circular economy doable for everyone, whilst simultaneously improving the livelihoods of coffee, tea and cacao farmers all over the world. He’s recently been nominated as one of the most influential food changers in the Netherlands and most sustainable young Dutchman. Currently, his academic findings are under review of a well-known scientific journal. At the Circular Coffee Collective, he’s the face - responsible for the general management, the partnerships and circular economy advice.