The circular economy starts with a cup of coffee.


the intellectual product.

We are a collective of experts, consultants and professionals. We love to teach you how to think circular, how to rewire the system and stop leaking value. We teach you how to catch a fish, instead of simply giving you one.

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the what, why and how of circularity & coffee

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Package #1

So what is the circular economy? What does this mean to me, my organization and our future? These topics will be touched upon, next to applying it to your coffee supply. Let’s set up personalized circular goals, connect you to a farmer community and start the process of becoming circular.

*also available as single workshop, reach out for personal offer.



  • Workshops on circular economy thinking

  • Strategy document on how to become circular

  • Connections to all actors in the coffee value chain

  • If desired: start of circular coffee delivery


coffee and friends

moving on


PAckage #2

Once you’ve grabbed the ideas and principles of the circular economy, taken an own stance on it and have started tackling your coffee supply - you might want to move on. Coffee hardly ever comes alone. It comes with milk, cookies, sugar, chocolate - and for those who don’t like coffee, we need to look at tea. So what does this mean? Let’s tackle your entire hot drinks supply and make solid steps towards circularity.



  • Everything of package #1

  • Discovering cocoa, tea, sugar and more

  • Strategy document on circular economy implementation

  • If desired: circular coffee, tea, chocolate (and more) delivery


coffee, friends and further on

moving beyond


Package #3

So now that you’ve tackled your entire hot drinks supply, you know what circularity means for you. You know how to support sustainable value chains and you have a supply of high quality goods that you’re proud of. So what have you learned? How can you replicate these lessons to other products, like for example your furniture, clothing or other products?



  • Everything of package #1 and #2

  • Workshops on lessons beyond hot drinks supply

  • Strategy document on how to move forward

  • Documentation on strengths and weakness during the process