The circular economy starts with a cup of coffee.

keep on adding

You might not only need “just” the coffee and the circular roadmap, but also machinery, tea, cacao and milk. We can help you with this as well.


pick a machine

Franke a400


franke full automatic coffee machine

When caring so much about the coffee growing and roasting process, it is a shame to ruin it in the “last mile” by using a bad quality coffee machine. Franke coffee machines are fully automatic and are designed to preserve the coffee taste, next to having an extreme durability. They are without doubt the best at the market to date.

  • excellent taste and long machine durability

  • HD video screen to show coffee from bean to cup

  • Leasing option for one machine, for a staff of 150 people drinking 3 cups per workday: €20,15 per kg


want to add cacao?

virunga cacao powder


virunga cooperative, democratic republic of congo

In the volatile area of the eastern parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the heart of Africa, stable cacao trade provides a way out of conflict. By buying directly from the cooperatives, a financial stable future is provided, which gives a good basis to talk about reforestation and nature inclusive agriculture.

  • support regional stability and conflict free future

  • flavor: round, sweet, deep earthy tones

  • cacao powder price: €? per kg


want to add tea?

ilam tea cooperative


ilam tea cooperative, Nepal

The Ilam Tea Cooperative in Nepal provides a sustainable future for workers in one of the poorest regions of Nepal by growing high quality green and black teas. The teas get packaged by Bloesem Theehuis in the Netherlands, a care institution that hires people with disabilities and a distance to the labor market.

  • support regional economic stability and packaged by people with a distance to the labor market

  • flavor: balanced, sweet, clear

  • tea price: €26 per kg, or 100 bags (?)


want to add milk?

lets go very, very local


let’s find your nearest milk farmer

Cow milk is pollutant, so we’d advice you to look at milk alternatives like oat milk that save up to 80% of CO2 emissions. But we’re not fundamentalists. So if you’d like to have cow milk, we will help you to find your most local milk supplier and help you to set up a system. Together with them, we will also work towards your sustainable commitment.

  • assisting you in finding your local milk supplier

  • setting up logistics system

  • embarking the milk farmer on the sustainable journey

  • local, sustainable milk: €1 per liter (?)