The circular economy starts with a cup of coffee.

Rethink your relationship with waste

the circular economy
starts with a cup of coffee


what & how



The circular economy is about preventing “leakages” of value. You make sure that things - but also humans - maintain their value and function for as long as possible. It’s a big step beyond separating waste, recycling or organic agriculture. It might sound like a big deal, and it is. Thankfully we can tackle it step by step. Let’s just start with your cup of coffee.



Coffee is one of the easiest things to get in our current society. Its value chain however, isn’t quite as easy. Waste gets produced at many points, and value leaks away. It’s a complicated product to get circular. So if you manage this, many other things will be quite straightforward.



It’s almost gone in our current society: the cooperative way of doing business. Combining talents, spreading risk, dividing profits. This is what we do: we form unique collectives. We take on challenges together, and spread the profits equally. We form collectives of farmers, consultants, roasters, machine deliverers, experts and more - to fit all personal demands.


and you

We are here for people who want to learn more about the circular economy. We are here for people who are sick of bad coffee and want to customize their own coffee. We are here for people working in coffee, tea, cocoa and alike that want to join our network. We are here for those who want to make the world a greener, fairer and more transparant place. One cup at the time.





The intellectual product. Workshops, seminars and full consultancy. Learn how to think circular by starting with a practical, concrete product.



The physical product. Pick & mix your farmer, roaster, machine and circular commitment. Get your circular product delivered at your office.



Even if you don't require our services, you're more than welcome to support our collaborative non-profit fund.